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Dear Ivar, Bertrand and Richard

Let me congratulate you for having started an initiative that I had only dreamt of for the past ten or so years. You may remember me from the UML/OML RUP/OPEN days. I was one of the principals along with Brian Henderson-Sellers behind the OPEN framework. Later, I worked in trying to marry (find common theoretical commonality between) AOP and OO and as
a result brought about recombinant programming.

The truth is that the very facts to which you refer caused me to be profoundly disappointed and jaded about the discipline and left it to take refuge in university administration and research in econometrics (which is much better underpinned than SE). I am now the head of the campus faculty at RPI’s – Harford Graduate Center. Your posting was like a wake-up call to me. This is a cause on which I am willing to spend significant time and energy, with dedication. I signed up as a supporter.

Houman Younessi
Professor of Science, engineering and management
RPI-Harford campus


I couldn’t agree with you more! I signed up on your web site. I have been thinking on the same lines myself. I have started formulating some ideas on the “engineering” part of the software development.
If you are OK with my involvement, I would be glad to work with you. I look forward to your response.

Best wishes for your success

Murali Chemuturi

So far, I love the vision. As you can see from my previous comments, I absolutely love the call for the kernel and all criteria and characteristics be formally measurable. And that the method/procedures of measurement be part of the kernel.

Eric Ericsson


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